CLIC Can Help


You Are Not Sure
where to find the services you need or are unaware of what programs you are eligible for we can guide you through many of the government programs and services offered.

You have been unable to
resolve a problem with a social worker and do not know how to express yourself, do not know what questions to ask, or disagree with something you have been told. We may be able to help.

Your landlord has threatened
to evict you, or if you have unsuccessfully attempted to resolve a problem situation and think you have been treated unfairly. We may be able to help, and can assist you if a hearing before the Office of the Rentals man is necessary.

You have been unable to
locate affordable shelter. We may be able to provide you with leads.

For whatever reason, you
regularly have problems making ends meet. Our trustees can help you with a budgeting program that is designed to stabilize your financial/living situation so you can focus getting your life on track.

Saskatchewan social assistance rates and programs

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